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I am trying to set a cron job to run every minute. I have a script in a directory in my home directory. Inside the script is:


/usr/bin/xgamma -gamma 2.0

I actually prefer 0.65, but I'm using 2.0 to make sure the script actually runs (it does not).

The cron job is

* * * * * /home/myuser/scripts/gamma

I am doing this because I've noticed that on boot, resume from hibernate/suspend, and I feel like at least a few random times, xgamma seems to revert to 1.0. I want this script to automatically run and fix it.

What else I've tried..

For the cron job:

* * * * * /home/myuser/scripts/gamma &
* * * * * xgamma -gamma 2.0
* * * * * /usr/bin/xgamma -gamma 2.0
* * * * * bash -c "xgamma -gamma 2.0"
* * * * * xgamma -gamma > /home/myuser/scripts/gtest.log

Trying to write to the log produced no results. It remained empty, even after I created the file by hand and even after I set it to 777.

For the script shebang:


For the script body:

xgamma -gamma 2.0
Adding the entire PATH variable line from env before the rest of the script but after the shebang

I also added this to my ~/.profile, and ran it from the command line as well after adding it:

xhost +local:

So far, I have achieved nothing. Not one thing has produced anything other than messages in the syslog that the commands are running, stuff like:

Jun 17 13:15:01 mymachine CRON[3220]: (myuser) CMD (/usr/bin/xgamma -gamma 2.0)
Jun 17 13:23:01 mymachine CRON[3408]: (myuser) CMD (/home/myuser/scripts/gamma &)

But nothing has actually produced any results other than that. No errors or anything, just syslog messages.

Additionally, if I do


From the CLI, it runs the script perfectly.

I have newlines after the jobs in crontab.

So... what am I doing wrong?

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