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With googling and finetuning, I've always been happy with Ubuntu. But now I can't find a solution anywhere for the high cpu usage of video conferencing.

I have an Asus 1215B eeepc, since more than a year on 12.04. Finally I installed 13.04 but still, the same issues are present. Fglrx & pulseaudio are necessary. Already pulseaudio has dropped from 30% CPU to 10% CPU with fine tuning. When video chat of Skype is on, there's a constant use of 60%-70% what heats up the whole thing and makes it crash.

Today I've installed the Google Video Chat plugin,and the same thing happens.

  1. Is the high cpu specific to this hardware and the special tuning needed? fglrx? pulsaudio? ... and is there a solution? Alternative? (besides buying another laptop)
  2. What is the best performing video chat with low cpu usage, and windows compatible for the other (dark) side that still is MS indoctrinated.

    Now, with only skype and firefox, the laptop overheats constantly, certainly in summer.

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Solution : installed Gnome ... no more Unity that I finally got used to :(

77 degrees now, instead of 92 degrees and more.

Probably compiz, or Xorg that are super busy when Skype is on video chat.

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