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I've been doing photo management for years and thought I had this all worked out, but something changed recently such that I question whether I actually know what color management settings I should be using.

I use the Gimp for my photo editing. In the past, when I changed the "RGB Profile" in Gimp's settings, I would see a distinct difference between the AdobeRGB setting and the srgb setting (and I would use this to set the colors differently depending on the destination file). Lately, I see no difference at all, however the saved PNG files are flat and unsaturated compared to what Gimp shows me.

I'm running Ubuntu 13.04. I have color calibrated my monitor and set the profile in the system settings. I have set Gimp preferences to...

  • "Color Managed Display"
  • RGB Profile: AdobeRGB 1998, SRGB (does not matter which, everything looks the same now)
  • CMYK Profile: None
  • Monitor Profile: None
  • Try to use system monitor profile: Off

I noticed that if I set an AdobeRGB 1998 monitor profile, the colors I see in Gimp match the colors I see in the screen.

So, given that I am sometimes taking my photos to print (at a professional color-calibrated shop) what are the correct settings in the Gimp?

Should my Monitor Profile be set to "Adobe RGB 1998"?

How does this interact with the color calibration system setting?

Update: I found the answer to the question on photos.stackexchange.com. I propose this be closed as a duplicate.

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