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When I freshly installed maverick on my new notebook, I set up my keyboard shortcuts like this: Switch to WS 1 = Mod4+1, Move Window to WS 1 = Mod4+Shift+1, Switch to WS 2 = Mod4+2 and so on (Mod4 being the "Windows" key). But now the three-key combinations (i.e. the ones I use for "move to...") stopped working. When I go to keyboard preferences, I still see them and I can even change them to a different combination and then again to the desired one - but they won't execute the window movement afterwards :/ Any suggestions how to fix this?

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I think Compiz is preventing these shortcuts to work. Can you try this:

metacity --replace

Then try your shortcuts.

Else, if you want your visual effects by Compiz, you can do a trick:

If you are using Compiz, you will have to do a trick because Compiz "workspaces" are actually Viewports of a single Workspace.

We will need wmctrl and Compiz.

You can install these from the Ubuntu Software Center or by clicking here (wmctrl) and here (Compiz)

The Shortcuts

# Open Compiz (Alt + F2 and type ccsm and hit Enter)

# Go to Keybindings and make the shortcuts you want.

# Then go to Commands and add the commands for yours shortcuts (see below).

The Commands (Trick Instructions)

Go to a terminal and check the output of wmctrl -d. For example, mine is:

0 * DG: 4098x2304 VP: 1366,0 WA: 0,23 1366x745 N/A

This means that actually I have one Workspace of 4098 x 2304 instead of what I "think" I have (nine "workspaces", 3 x 3).
I was at what was supposed to be "workspace" 2, but actually I was at viewport (VP) 1366,0 (4098 / 3 = 1366) as showed by the output above.

So this is how it works: we take the whole Workspace and divide for the numbers of "workspaces" we "think" we have. In my case: 4098 / 3 = 1366 and 2304 / 3 = 768.

if I want to go to my "workspace" 1, the command is:
wmctrl -o 0,0

Then, if I want to go to my "workspace" 4, the command is:
wmctrl -o 0,768

if I want to go to my "workspace" 8, the command is:
wmctrl -o 1366,1536

if I want to go to my "workspace" 9, the command is:
wmctrl -o 2732,1536

Got it? ;-)

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I'm on Maverick and don't want to change the Window Manager, just the old behavior back :) – c089 Apr 10 '11 at 6:11
metacity --replace, /bin/sh -c /usr/bin/compiz-decorator. This is a plain maverick installation, really. I did not customize the window manager etc., just added my keyboard shortcuts. – c089 Apr 11 '11 at 13:36
Thanks, that works fine. It obviously deactivates desktop effects, but keyboard shortcuts are more important until I have the time to investigate how I can fix compiz. – c089 Apr 13 '11 at 13:09
I've made a trick for you, so you don't need to disable Compiz. Hope you like ;-) – desgua May 8 '11 at 3:23

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