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In terminal, I have an alias so that when I type note, a text document of my notes comes up. Often times when I'm browsing the web I'd like to make a quick note but I don't have terminal open, so I have to Shift-Alt-T to open terminal and then type `note'. And then I have to click off the terminal.

Is there anyway to access terminal commands without opening the terminal so I don't have to do so many key presses? Maybe through a lens or HUD? Alt-note would be really nice.. I know I could map terminal to Alt, but then I'd still have to click off it.

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You can try to transform your alias in an executable and put it in your path.

For example you can put it in /usr/local/bin, that should be already in your path.

Then you can launch that program by pressing AltF2 and entering the executable name.

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Ohhh, thank-you! – StuartHa Jun 17 '13 at 16:38

You could youse guake terminal

What it does is actually run like a console, so when you press a button you defined it will pop up when you are finished just pres ESC and it will be again in the background.

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