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My doubts are in the Authentication Section:

  • Authentication Method ?!
  • Session?

And I also don't know how to fill in the Details tab:

  • Search base ?
  • Search Scope ?
  • Search filter ?

How should I fill these in?

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Here are instructions, adapted from http://davmail.sourceforge.net/thunderbirddirectorysetup.html. I successfully use these settings for my Exchange account.

  1. In DavMail, configure your settings as recommended from http://davmail.sourceforge.net/gettingstarted.html. Note the port number that you use for Local LDAP port (e.g. 1389). You can use any port number you like that isn't already being used.

    DavMail Gateway Settings

  2. In Evolution, select File > New > Address Book.

  3. Configure your address book with the following settings:

    Address Book

    • Type: On LDAP Servers
    • Name: Exchange (or anything you want)

    Server Information

    • Server: localhost (or the address of your DavMail server)
    • Port: 1389 (or the port specified in your DavMail settings)
    • Use secure connection: No encryption (if you're running DavMail locally or didn't enable encryption in your DavMail settings) or SSL encryption (if enabled)


    • Login method: Using distinguished name (DN)
    • Login: (your Exchange username)

    New Address Book - General


    • Search base: ou=people

    New Address Book - Details

  4. Configure other address book settings to your liking.

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