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I have a home built computer and, after a while trying to get used to windows (I'm coming over from Mac) I decided to give Linux a try. I've tried installing from a CD-R, but nothing happens. I've set up the BIOS to boot from disc, but it keeps booting to Windows.

Specifics: I am trying to install a custom distro called BlenderBuntu, wich, as I understand it, is Ubuntu stripped down to the bare bones so it call run two programs (Blender and The GIMP) really quickly. Thanks for helping out a noob :)!!!


I've gone to the boot menu, and selected by disk drive. The menu said to insert media and reboot or check cable. I made sure that my disk was inserted properly and checked the cable, but it still went back to the same message. I tired loading the ISO onto a USB stick, and when I selected that in the Boot Menu, it kept displaying the same message, to "press any key or insert proper media device and reboot," every time I pressed any key.

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Welcome to askUbuntu and Linux. Did you properly burn the iso file? Are you absolutely sure that you are booting to a cd in BIOS. (some bios have to have two settings to boot from the drive, One in the boot order, another in a boot menu, at the begining. This usually has a special key to see the boot menu to chose a boot medium from. –  Max Tither Jun 17 '13 at 2:41
Thanks - I had triple checked the BIOS settings, burned the CD twice at the slowest speed so it wouldn't corrupt, but I hadn't tried the boot menu. –  user383 Jun 17 '13 at 13:19
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