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I just gave a DELL Latitude D610 with Ubuntu 13.04 to my dad for fathers day. I set it so that there was no required admin password and an automatic login at startup. However, while he was using it and walked away, the computer fell asleep, when he came back to use it again, he was asked to enter a password. I restarted the computer and signed into guest, i looked at the user account settings. I saw a 5 character (hidden) password in the admin settings, that I definitely did not set. Is this some kind of software default? Is there away for me to reset it?

I shut down the computer afterwards, and tried to start it up with reboot after "googling" how to do it, but it started up normally and automatically went into the admin user without asking for a password (auto login, i suppose). However, I am still concerned for any other operations that will require a password I am not in possession of.

Thank you for any help you can offer. I'm not very tech-savvy, just the basics. I appreciate any info.

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