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I am trying to justify a Ouya Purchase.. so I would like to utilize the controller at least... its a standard Bluetooth controller and when i attempt to pair it with Ubuntu 13.04 the pairing option box prompts me to enter a pairing code..

Now this is the odd part.. the paring code options dialog in the settings has a few options but none of the setting stick when closing the dialog (there is no ok or apply.. just "Close")

So at the end of the day i am unsure if there is a simple way to pair bluetooth Gamepads in ubuntu.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

TLDR;how do i pair a bluetooth gamepad without a paircode.

Ok.. quick update.. just did the Pair option code 0000 and close.. then i went to pair.. it asked me to enter a pair code.. but after about 2 seconds the window closed and said it was pair successfully.

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It appears that the default Bluetooth GUI wasn't designed with gamepads in mind. You can still get your OUYA gamepad working, though.


Before you start, install bluez-compat (to make the connection with hidd) and joystick-gtk (to test the gamepad) as follows:

sudo apt install bluez-compat jstest-gtk

Scan and connect

Now press hold down the OUYA button on the controller to make it discoverable. It should start by flashing all four lights, then flash only two lights. Once it is doing this, enter the following command to scan for it:

hcitool scan

It should appear as "OUYA gamepad" with a long address after it. You can now connect to it with:

sudo hidd --connect <ADDRESS>

(replace with the address from the scan).

Confirm it works

You should immediately be able to move the mouse pointer with the OUYA gamepad touchpad. Additionally, a wireless mouse indicator should appear next to the Bluetooth adapter icon.

Finally, you can confirm that gamepad input is working by running jstest-gtk from the Dash.

Drawbacks with this approach

  • bluez-compat is self-described as being a legacy package. "These binaries are not supported, and will go away again in the future." It would be ideal to use a more modern package.
  • Because we use sudo to connect, a lock icon appears on the Bluetooth indicator. (Does this have any effect?)
  • The gamepad is not permanently added to the list of Bluetooth devices, and is autodiscoverable (e.g. next time you reboot, you can't just make the controller discoverable again, you have to repeat the scan and connect process).
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Also you can search for a device and auto connect using sudo hidd --search –  jumpnett Nov 9 '13 at 5:43

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