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So I think I've possibly done something pretty dumb. Basically I was running out of space on my ubuntu partition and I knew i had a 40GB partition at the end of the disk which was called OS2.

I'm 99% sure this was one I created years ago when I first had the idea of dualbooting my computer (long before I actually got around to doing it) and I double checked on the drive, there was nothing on it.

So I installed GParted live USB, ran it, formatted the NTFS OS2 partition into ext2 format and rebooted computer.

Now I get the following error from grub:

error: file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found.
grub rescue>

Obviously the "grub rescue" bit is a command prompt, but other than that, there's nothing I can do with the computer.

What can I do to get my computer back?

Many thanks!


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Have you tried to repair grub as per this?… – fossfreedom Jun 16 '13 at 10:26

Whenever my GRUB breaks, I do the following to reinstall GRUB:

Prepare a bootable USB Stick (e.g. with unetbootin) with the current Ubuntu image or burn a DVD. Now boot from it into a live system and open a terminal. Then type

sudo grub-install /dev/sda
sudo grub-update

This assumes /dev/sda is your primary hard drive and you want to install GRUB there ;). Afterwards you should have a working GRUB again.

Note: Sometimes GRUB fails to detect other operating systems. Mount the relevant partitions with Nautilus by simply clicking on them, if they don't show up in terminal, while executing grub-update.

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