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I'm working on an icon theme for GTK+ and I'm creating package in PPA and I want to know all the names of Ubuntu for packages.

So far I've created deb packages for

  • oneiric
  • natty
  • maverick
  • lucid
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The codenames ("Oneiric Ocelot", "Natty Narwhal", etc) are only supposed to be used in development. On the website and on official documentation, the names should be "Ubuntu 11.10", "Ubuntu 11.04", etc. – Flimm Jun 16 '13 at 9:41
@Flimm That may have been the original intention, but that's not how it's been used. 10.04 is referred to as "Lucid" just about everywhere, and even as far back as Hardy Heron, its default desktop background was a stylized heron! – Izkata Jun 16 '13 at 15:08
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All the development code names can be found on the following ubuntu-wiki:

Since you are building packages, the supported versions that you can build for are described on your launchpad PPA:


Since you are building debs - adjust the name of the target in your debian/changelog file:


Convention is that target names are lowercase.

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