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I need to create an http url at my laptop to have a Ubuntu installation begin within my laptop on a Xen environment. This is how the final thing will look like.

The host and client are both going to be my laptop, I Googled and came across apt-mirror and some other packages. I do not want to archive entire 15 GB Ubuntu repositories on my machine.

It is not possible to use a CD,ISO,loop mounted disk (reason mentioned below). I have tried using netboot image on local machine which failed because if you are attempting to create a virtual machine on a hardware which does not support VT virt-manager installer necessarily needs a URL of this sort

Any other option to create guest OS is simply grayed out.

The unfortunate part is my Ethernet connections do not work when I boot with Xen-4.0 and a pv-ops Dom0 kernel from Jeremy's tree. Which is where I have to do this work. So I have to create a URL structure which is similar to Ubuntu mirrors. So how can I do this in bare minimum so that at least the console boots and once the console comes I can do some work.

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Using apt-mirror Install apt-mirror you can get it down to only 7.5 GiB. You can comment out the source, updates, security, universe and multiverse repositories in its config file, /etc/apt/mirror.list This leaves you only with the contents of main. As main contains everything that is shipped on the different CD images, it should be enough to get you installed. It might not be the smallest solution, but it's probably the simplest.

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thanks for your tip. – Registered User Mar 21 '11 at 16:03

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