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After installing steam via ubuntu software center and also after downloading the .deb file from the steam website I get the same error after launching the program. After it connects to the internet and downloading an update it gives me the error "failed to load" After searching the internet I see that others have had the same message. Yet I cannot see a solution. I also have seen that certain libraries are required to run steam. How do I install these?

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Go into the terminal and type sudo steam reset. Then try it again. If that doesn't work sudo apt-get remove && sudo apt-get purge steam – user140393 Jun 15 '13 at 15:44
I have tried this. I also deleted my /home/user/.steam directories as well as /home/user/.local/Share/Steam directories and started again. I have done these processes with the steam installed from the ubuntu repositories and from the website itself. Each time I "sudo apt-get purge" and reinstall. I have to download the 150 000 kb update. the 1185 update. each time getting the same error. I have noticed that when I run steam from the terminal I get this error also: Corrupt package file (/home/simon/.local/share/Steam/package/‌​112edf530704888) – Simon James Jun 16 '13 at 16:24

Remove your ~/.steam directory and run steam again.

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