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Can someone help me to find GAE launcher for Ubuntu 13.04. I found it for earlier versions of Ubuntu but those PPA's doesn't work for 13.04. I'm using Python version.

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No, this is just engine, I need GUI launcher. You don't get GUI launcher by default on Linux, only on Mac and Windows. – Alen Jun 15 '13 at 16:19

I searched long and hard on this same issue (couldn't actually open the google app engine launcher (the GUI) in Ubuntu). The following is the step that helped me to be able to open the GUI.

... But I still am having issues running the app - it has errors. I think it is an issue of (under the Edit/Preferrences menu) Python Path, App Engine SDK Path, Editor, and/or Deployment Sever.

First you need to install wxPython open your terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install python-wxversion python-wxglade

Then you need to download the launcher

in your terminal type :

svn checkout

now type :

cd google-appengine-launcher

and simply run your luncher with this command :



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You can install python-wx stuff using sudo apt-get install python-wxversion python-wxglade

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Could you make your answer more verbose? What you expect this to do? – Braiam Sep 18 '13 at 23:10

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