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I have been trying to install the 2013 version of my Eclipse on Ubuntu 13.04 and have upgraded the same from Ubuntu 12 on-line the installation was normally done with a Live CD and mechanism was similar to windows but when I tried installing my Eclipse the message it showed was

"my Eclipse needs 300+ mb of virtual memory for installation and u have 0 mb of the same"

I am not aware of swap or virtual memory and its usage and even various sites on Ubuntu don't provide sufficient information. Kindly help me to solve this particular problem and understand the topic for further use as well.

Thanks a lot :)

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output of swapon -s ??? – Qasim Jun 15 '13 at 6:02

MyEclipse 2013 does support a property "com.genuitec.pulse.debug.memory.check" that lets you bypass memory checks.

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