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I have uploaded several folders of data to Ubuntu One from my desktop computer, over the last few weeks, and I can see that all the contents are there when I look at my account on the web. When I look at my laptop (connected to the same account), one of the first folders I uploaded hasn't downloaded completely. New folders added from either device seem to sync correctly, but this one older folder remains almost empty, even though the control panel says file syncing is up-to-date.

I have plenty of space available. Stopping and restarting the sync daemon and rebooting the laptop are both ineffective.

What can I do to make this folder sync fully? I don't want to risk losing the data (which now exists only in Ubuntu One), and I don't have a lot of broadband data to play with.

I've seen several bugs relating to this sort of issue but they're all quite old and apparently fixed, while this is happening on new 13.04 installations on both desktop and laptop.

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