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I've just installed Windows 8 alongside my already existing Ubuntu 13.04 installation on my laptop. As expected, I couldn't boot into Ubuntu right after Windows installation, but fixed that using EasyBCD. Now I can boot into Ubuntu again. However, since the installation, my Ubuntu partition (sda1) gets remounted read-only after about 2 minutes since boot.

Here is the relevant output of dmesg:

[  118.017469] EXT4-fs error (device sda1): ext4_ext_search_left:1315: inode #14287139: comm flush-8:0: ix (13130) != EXT_FIRST_INDEX (0) (depth 1)!
[  118.017475] Aborting journal on device sda1-8.
[  118.017723] EXT4-fs (sda1): Remounting filesystem read-only
[  118.017744] EXT4-fs error (device sda1) in ext4_da_writepages:2446: IO failure
[  118.017958] EXT4-fs (sda1): ext4_da_writepages: jbd2_start: 11261 pages, ino 14287139; err -30

Already ran fsck and gparted's file system check from a Live CD which told me, that it indeed had fixed some errors, but the problem still persists.

Any help is appreciated.

Update: Okay, this is weird, I just found out, that this happens as soon as I start the Google Chrome browser. So it seems to be related to this question which unfortunately still has no answer.

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Can you check your hard disk for errors, as this could be the problem. –  SimplySimon Jun 13 '13 at 15:39
Don't you think fsck and gparted's own file system check is enough? Are there any additional tools you can recommend? Or do you mean SMART checks? I've done them as well and they all pass. –  ubuntudroid Jun 13 '13 at 16:01
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