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I have a Ubuntu image file (.iso) and I'd like to burn the image file into a DVD, is there any software for this purpose on Ubuntu?

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Let me see if I got it right, you have an Ubuntu image file and you want to burn it into a DVD. Right?

If so, just open your Dash menu click on Applications (the icon with an "A" in the bottom) and in "Filter" look for "Media" an application called Brasero Disk Burner will show up, just click it and burn you image.

Doubts? Follow this tutorial (click in the image for a fullsize version).


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Hi ZigndBy, Thanks for the answer. By using the above procedure can we make bootable DVD of Ubuntu? – udaykumar Jun 13 '13 at 14:24
@udaykumar yes you can! A Ubuntu bootable DVD is nothing but a simple iso burned into a DVD/CD. The option you need to choose on Brasero is the last on the list at the left side called "Burn image". – Zignd Jun 13 '13 at 22:38

You could install k3b too :

sudo apt-get install k3b

( when you create boot-cd in k3b simply drag-and-drop iso-image from above file-window into below window of to-burn-CD/DVD. )

Or use command wodim in terminal to burn boot-CD/DVD like:

( if necessary : sudo apt-get install wodim )

cd /home/$user/Downloads

wodim -v -eject name-of-file.iso

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