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It seems like Rhythmbox has a bad habit of not downloading some of the podcast files completely:

Incompletely downloaded podcasts

But I don't seem to find the option of re-downloading the episode anywhere. Deleting the episode, either from within Rhythmbox or from the file system doesn't help.

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Workaround: Right-click on the file, click Properties. Click on the Details tab. Copy the Source property to clipboard. (you may have to stretch the window to see the whole URL). Go to the download location in terminal.

Make a mental note of the file name Rhythmbox saved as (not the same as download file name, but similar.)

wget -c -O [Download location file name] [Source location, as copied/pasted].

wget will auto-retry until complete.

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You can also modify ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml and remove the line corresponding to the file you want to re-download. Do it when rhythmbox is not running, of course (it will rewrite its config on close).

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