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Install runs without issue. Once it reboots and gets past post, the display disappears (screen just goes to sleep).
While testing with another Linux OS, I noticed that it comes up with a laptop display as its primary. Nothing in the bios indicated what this screen is, or how to turn it off. Hardware vendor says there is no screen to turn off, that its a software issue (go figure).

MiniITX board has two video adapters, vga and DVI. Have tried both, while logged in switching to the other adapter, and also by booting one then the other.

Windows OS only sees the external display(s).

PC is a 1.86 GHZ D3500 Dual Lan Dual COM board with an Intel chipset (Intel GMA 3600)

Driving me nuts, have google'd the heck out of this issue, and no joy (yet).... any ideas?


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Have you tried another Ubuntu version? Ubuntu 12.04 live works? –  Manuel Jun 12 '13 at 15:47
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