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Here's the case.

My Computer can boot ubuntu 13.04 but the time it loads my unity session --I have set autologin, the video card chrashes and the monitor blacks out.

Even if I go console to do the job, because of the autologin, it again chrases.

Then I decided to go to the single login by adding single on the kernel parameter on grub at boot. It again crashes. But when I try to boot to windows, everything works out just fine.

Ps: I have also tried to use nomodeset on the kernel parameter. I have also guessing that the gpu HAD overheated because when I touched the gpu it is really hot. I have nvidia geforce GT220. I have also done this at dawn.

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What errors are displayed (if any)? – Misery Jun 12 '13 at 6:01
There's none, when the video card crashes the computer will too. – user128712 Jun 12 '13 at 6:49

Same question nvidia install

You can also get helps from here: Install nvidia

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No need for an answer I figure out that It has a particular time usually 3mins before it crashes. I've managed to add text to the kernel parameter then login and run the nvidia*.run as root and quickly choose yes to all. Then I quickly typed sudo lightdm then it never crashes since the next reboot

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