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Is there a way to remove the File, Edit, View... toolbar from Firefox (so that I will have only the address toolbar visible)? I think in Windows from version 3.5 you can just right click on the toolbar and you can just unselect it... I don't have Firefox installed, i use Swiftfox...

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Try the Hide Menubar addon. The menubar is hidden by default but you can toggle it with the Alt key.

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Thank you, this worked fine! – trouble Aug 26 '10 at 4:21

I use the tiny menu extension to reduce the menu bar to an icon next to my address bar. The back/forward/stop buttons are all hidden when not needed

Otherwise, you should be able to create a new toolbar and drag the menu bar onto it, then hide that toolbar.

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Yeah, i've tried it. My problem is that it doesn't let me place the back/forward button at the very left and that is a real problem for me. – trouble Aug 25 '10 at 8:29

I have used Tiny Menu extension in the past, but now I use Compact Menu 2. It works like a charm and you can put the menu anywhere.

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