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First of all, I have read Simple NAS setup for Ubuntu, which is a bit beyond my needs at the moment.

Briefly, I am new to Ubuntu Linux as some of you already know. I need to build a NAS with Ubuntu - on which I can, at least for the time being, store files from my 2 Win 7 64 bit computers - many, many TB's of NTFS files. Is there a "how to" on that for a newbie such as myself?

Any additional software or interface required? (My network is Gigabit - router and switch, wired only.)

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I am trying to do the same and so far as I have heard there is a software which names is Synology, I have not installed it but I may do it. Also I found another software which names is freenasa, you can find it here, if I find something that could help us I will let you know, good luck buddy!!!!

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Freenas is rather a Complete distribution, that is made for NAS server only! – younes Nov 21 '14 at 0:17
Ohhh I see, I am sorry them – willvcr Nov 21 '14 at 0:35

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