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I am running a server on Ubuntu 12.04 (desktop) LTS. This has been working fine until today when a few minutes ago it decided to change some stuff alone.

  • Launcher icons not working
  • Launcher icons (includind Dash) have become the normal size (I know this is cosmetic but it did it alone)
  • It won't shutdown (except using SysRq)
  • I have 2 external hard-disks connected to it but Ubuntu is not mounting them.
  • sudo commands are not working (giving me must be setuid root)
  • an icon "gksu" is present on the desktop, when I click it (since gksu is a frontend for su or sudo) nothing happens and then it disappears.
  • When I go on Ubuntu Software centre after some time (seconds) it crashes with a crash report.
  • Network icon on the toolbar is not visible but it is connected to my network as it is visible from other computers.

Only things working from the launcher are the terminal and the file explorer

I did manage to reboot it (using SysRq) but to no avail (I thought that it might fix during startup as it sometimes does). Thanks in advanced

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