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I have two laptops running 13.04

I've used Ubuntu sync for many years, and generally it seems fine, although I never really paid attention to how quickly the files were synced. Now is the first time I'm depending on it to keep my two laptops in sync as I migrate between home and work, and I need to know that when I turn on my other laptop, the sync from the previous one has finished.

The new laptop seems to download fine; the old one does not seem to be uploading quickly enough.

The symptom is this:

Ubuntu One control panel shows "file sync in progress" for over 12 hours. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting. I get no error messages, but the sync has not finished in 12 hours.

I monitor the status with

u1sdtool --waiting

which usually shows 3-5 files, and they are files I've been working with, so that's normal


u1sdtool --current-transfers

shows nothing happening happening

One thing that might be important: I just recently decided to sync my .mozilla directory, and this is about when I noticed the problem. Could this be related?

Any suggestions?

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You really should not sync your .mozilla directory, as it will contain a lot of data, which may very well conflict across machines, or which is not something that should be synchronized; such as the cache. –  dobey Jun 11 '13 at 19:35
Thanks. I didn't know that. Can you recommend a good way to sync my browsing sessions? I have lots of tabs, and I used an extension which allows me to categorize the tabs and hibernate all except for the groups I'm using. Firefox's default sync extension does not seem to handle these hibernating tabs. (I realize this is no longer an UbuntuOne questions) –  Michael Shiloh Jun 11 '13 at 23:02
If Firefox sync does not support synchronizing open tabs, then I do know of anything else that would. I'd suggest searching in the Firefox extensions store though. –  dobey Jun 12 '13 at 13:53
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