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I installed ubuntu 12.04 lts on my old cpu and it just dosen't run right (lags, and other bugs)So I'm wondering if installing an old version of ubuntu on a cpu with a newer version is possible?

Like ubuntu 12.04 to 10.04. I already have the .iso file of 10.04 and I'm about to burn it into an installer dvd.

Again, I'm wondering if installing an old version over a new one is possible as I would want to replace 12.04 with 10.04

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If you want to overwrite your actual Ubuntu version with another one then "yes" you can. Otherwise if you want to downgrade, I would say that if possible, it could be a little bit hard. Please edit your question to include your CPU's specs. – edwin Jun 11 '13 at 16:16
I would suggest using Lubuntu if your CPU is that old. Not that it helps, of course, but you might want to consider it. – Thomas Ward Jun 11 '13 at 16:27

I Dont Think you Can.

If you just want to Have it downgraded with your documents just make a backup and then Install the Older One (Format The Existing Ubuntu Partition Or Just Press Erase and Reinstall Ubuntu(Version)

Here is a quick Guide on how to backup your files

Enjoy and If i answered Your Question Press Answered :P

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You can, similar questions: see How to roll back Ubuntu to a previous version?. If you don't want to redownload, you can mention your CD as source in Ubuntu repositories. In Synaptic: settings|repositories|other sources, in Ubuntu software center: Edit|software sources|other software.

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