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I use quickly to develop an app. The thing is I wanted to use a library called BeautifulSoup which is found in Universe repository, under python-bs4 library.

So I did a quickly configure depenedencies python-bs4, push the code on the launchpad repository( https://code.launchpad.net/~fioan89/slidewall/slidewall ) and run a request build.

Request worked quite well, but when I tried to install the application, python-bs4 is not installed therefore the app could not run.

I use Ubuntu 13.04 x86 as my development environment. So, please if you have any idea about how could I make python-bs4 install as any other dependency of my app, reply to this post.

Also If you need other information just ask and I will do my best.

Thank you for your help! Ioan

P.S: Of course, I double checked that Universe repository is enabled.

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