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I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed on a HP Pavilion DV2750ea. The wifi card is an Intel 4965AGN.

When I first started using Ubuntu on this laptop it connected wirelessly to the network. Then it suddenly stopped. The Wifi card power light is off and all information says the card is disabled.

When the laptop is powered on the wifi power light turns on and stays on until Ubuntu finishes loading.

I have replaced the wifi card and the wifi switch module with no change. The wifi works fine from the live CD.

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It looks like you might have disabled wifi from the keyboard. I am not sure about HP Pavilion DV2750ea, but I had same problem with lenovo. I unknowingly turned off wifi from keyboard and wondering why wifi not working.

So some suggestions,

  1. check if there is a shoftcut/function key/button to enable/disable wifi on laptop

  2. Try a live CD and see if wifi is detected from there to isolate any problems in current setup/configuration files.

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With a live CD the wireless works OK. –  user12511 Mar 18 '11 at 18:20

You would need to find the output of sudo lshw -C network then depending on what card you have find the drivers here: Wireless Drivers Then follow the install proceedure listed

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