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It doesn't automatically load at startup, and every time I try to manually get it to show up at startup, it keeps giving me this error message:

An error occured

Permission denied

For more information, please see the log file:


I have no idea what to do. Can anyone help me with this?

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Are you trying to use WUBI? –  DaboRoss Jun 11 '13 at 5:52
At what point of the installation does show the error? Also, try burning another DVD, the disc might be bad. –  Mitch Jun 11 '13 at 6:29
You could review the log file to see what the problem is. Run notepad c:\users\m\appdata\local\temp\wubi-13.04-rev279.log to open it. Or notepad %TEMP%\wubi-13.04-rev279.log. It will probably look like gibberish, so try putting the whole thing on paste.ubuntu.com and then add the link to it here. –  bcbc Jun 11 '13 at 6:34
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