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Hi everyone I haven't had Ubuntu for long but I feel it has more potential for game development than Windows 8(DON'T USE IT, IT BLOWS!). On Windows I used XNA, but I wanted to have a development Environment on Ubuntu since I'm not sure how to access art and music files from Windows. So what frameworks(Engines preferably) can I use for Ubuntu game development?

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possible duplicate of What 2D/3D engines and game SDKs are available? – Luís de Sousa Mar 24 '14 at 15:07

You probably want to take a look to answers on the question What 2D/3D engines and game SDKs are available?

I would recommend a choice of framework based on a programming language which you are familiar with. If you previously programmed with XNA maybe MonoGame is something you want to check out.

However, if you are new in programming my personal recommendation would be to begin with a 2D game framework based on a scripting language like Pygame (python) or Love (Lua).

Games can be created also using Qt framework. Not sure how good this framework is for games, but it's one of the best UI frameworks, so knowledge of this framework would be useful anyway.

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