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1) Is there a gui or curses tool that allows you to view/manage btrfs subvols/snapshots?

2) Is there a utility or already made script that would automatically create and delete snapshots daily/weekly? I'm aware that I could probably use a simple sh via cron but is there anything more elaborate that already exists?

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Not answer but related: – Olli Mar 23 '11 at 13:58
I've started a project called snazzer, which offers btrfs snapshotting, pruning and transport via ssh or local filesystems. It's not quite ready for release but I would love to hear feedback if anybody has time to review it at this early stage. CLI-only at this point. – csirac2 Apr 15 '15 at 6:19

1) I have not seen any GUI or curses tool.

2) There are a couple of existing scripts out there. I haven't tried them, but they look interesting:



A related btrfs development is the announcement that Natty (11.04) will feature automatic btrfs rollback for packages. I.e., for btrfs installations it will automatically snapshot before any apt install/upgrade/remove operation:

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There's a generic GUI tool called btrfs-gui but it's in early stages of development as of this writing and can only list, but not create/modify snapshots.

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The project seems to be abandoned now, no changes in over 4 years. – Vladimir Panteleev Jan 1 at 21:49

Some tools are listed in the question "btrfs-enabled backup solution".

The btrfs wiki page "Use Cases" lists some tools: SnapBtr, Snapper, btrfs-time-machine, UrBackup.

There's a proposal for a built-in tool called autosnap, which "could configure btrfs to take regular or event based snapshots and further manage the snapshots automatically". However, as October 2013, it is not available yet.

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