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How can I ask for resolution less than the max. provided by the display in the boot process? (So that Linux never asks for the highest resolution.)

I have a Viewsonic VS13818 HDMI monitor (1920x1080). I am trying to boot Ubuntu 13.04 on my ARM-based Beaglebone Black board. This board can't handle displays over 1280x1024, apparently due to hardware issues. I can get to a login greeting (LXDE) but the display flickers and X eventually dies. (The same monitor works fine at lower res. with the Angstrom distro provided with the BBB.)

I need a way to limit the resolution as X comes up to 1280x1024 or less and inhibit the autosizing in X. What's the best way to do that? LXDE's autostart file does not seem to work for this. (I tried inserting an xrandr command.) I don't have the courage to write an xorg.conf from scratch!

Thanks for info!


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