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On my Windows machine, I use USA International with deadkeys, and I have no problem typing ç (' + c). However, on my Ubuntu machine, I set my layout to "USA - International (with dead keys) and that key combination returns ć. How can I have it return a C with a cedilla rather than an acute accent?

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i think Frances – Black Block Mar 8 '12 at 13:43
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Using keyboard layout "USA - intl (AltGr dead keys)", I can get ç or Ç by pressing:

  • AltGr + ,: ç
  • AltGr + Shift + ,: Ç
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I prefer dead keys. Is there a way to get it working without AltGR? – Tim Cooper Mar 16 '11 at 20:24
There are hacks for it, see the comments on this idea. – Lekensteyn Mar 16 '11 at 20:29

At a glance, these layouts all appear to have keys for typing ç:

$ sgrep -o '%r\n' '"\"" _quote_ "\"" in ("name[Group1]" .. "\n" in outer("{" .. "}" containing "ccedilla"))' /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/??
Brazil - Eliminate dead keys
Brazil - Dvorak
Brazil - Nativo
Brazil - Nativo for USA keyboards
Brazil - Nativo for Esperanto
Canada - French (legacy)
Canada - Multilingual, first part
Canada - Multilingual
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Switzerland - German (Macintosh)
Czechia - UCW layout (accented letters only)
Spain - Eliminate dead keys
Spain - Dvorak
France - Bepo, ergonomic, Dvorak way
France - Breton
France - Macintosh
United Kingdom - Extended - Winkeys
Ghana - Fula
Iran - Kurdish, Arabic-Latin
Iceland - Macintosh
Italy - Eliminate dead keys
Italy - Macintosh
Italy - Georgian
Nigeria - Hausa
Norway - Dvorak
Norway - Northern Saami
Portugal - Eliminate dead keys
Portugal - Nativo
Portugal - Nativo for USA keyboards
Portugal - Nativo for Esperanto
Russia - Chuvash
Russia - Chuvash Latin
Turkmenistan - Alt-Q
Turkey - (F)
Turkey - International (with dead keys)
USA - International (with dead keys)
USA - Dvorak international
USA - Programmer Dvorak
USA - Macintosh
USA - Colemak
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Brazil or us_intl, where you can do ' + c if language is set to portuguese (brazil)

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I wish there was a way to use ' + c without changing language. For a clean install (en_US), just setting keyboard to Brazil still gives me ć. Also tried USA International (both AltGR and "dead keys"), same result. I could only get ç using AltGr + "," – MestreLion Nov 24 '11 at 7:06

The Portuguese layout allows you to type this character.

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Very easy! Just go to: System settings --> Keyboard Layout --> English (US, alternative international). This should be your layout. For some test try: ç = ' + c â é à...

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As the OP said in his question, c + ' results in ć in English( US, alternative international) – jpjacobs Mar 12 '14 at 12:16

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