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can someone please enlighten me in setting up the correct format of forward zone.

$TTL    604800        IN      SOA (
                                      2         ; Serial
                                 604800         ; Refresh
                                  86400         ; Retry
                                2419200         ; Expire
                                 604800 )       ; Negative Cache TTL
;        IN      A

www             IN      A
dns             IN      A

this part        IN      A

should i replace the dns with my dns server hostname? cause ive seen others use ns1 or dns?

so if my dns hostname is test, id be using

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The correct line should be:        IN      NS

The DNS servers should be registered in a NS type record. The name is up to you. If your DNS hostname is "test", write:        IN      NS

You'll also need a A type record saying who is "test":

test            IN      A        192.168.X.X
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