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Is there a command/shortcut avaiable to hide all popped-up notifications? Some of my scripts produce notifications which dont auto-hide, you have to click them.

I'd like to have a keyboard shortcut instead of having to click each and every one.

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There is no such shortcut. Even then, the notification interface does not expose a DBus call to revoke all open notifications.

However, you can speedily dispose all by killing the notification process:

Quick and dirty:

Assign the shortcut of your liking to:

pkill xfce4-notifyd

Sophisticated and nerdy:

Ask it to terminate gracefully:

dbus-send --session --type=method_call --dest=org.freedesktop.Notifications \
                   /org/freedesktop/Notifications \

Or maybe put the above in your scripts.

Note: Ending the xfce4-notifyd process is not an issue because the next invocation of a notification will start the process. It will even self-terminate when there is nothing to display for some time.

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