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DMCrypt Passphrase Management

Is there any way we may have the DMcrypt passphrase managed centrally
using a Challenge response for >5000 clients?
I am looking at a solution which is closer to Pointsec/checkpoint.
We have been able to save the encyption header for each laptop running Ubuntu in our Organization, however there is a serious concern in case someone is not online and still needs a remote assistance from the service desk.

We used Puppet for user as well as configuration changes.
But my challenge is to integrate it with a challenge response mechanism and achieve:

  1. Should be able to reset the password as forced by the password expiry policy.
  2. Service Desk should be able to help user who forgets the passphrase even when he/she is not on the network.
  3. Should be able to store a master passphrase in one of the slots to have it stored in a secure database for Data Forensics purposes.
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