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When I install gnome 3 from ubuntu software centre, I feel it is too slow and the windows decorations are not clear. Can someone help me?

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Can you check which version of GNOME3 you have installed? The version you get from the Software Center is probably more than a year old.

If you cannot find the version in the Software Centre, run instead

apt-cache policy gnome-shell

which will indicate which version was installed.

I think a good option is to compile GNOME Shell. May sound daunting, but it's quite easy (no skills required) if you follow the instructions at:

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The most probably cause is that you're using proprietary drivers. Both nvidia and AMD users have problem(e. g. me :] ). If you want to try GNOME Shell, try to run it using opensource drivers - nouveau(for Nvidia) or radeon(for AMD). Intel should work flawlessly out of the box :)

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