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I have just researched and attempted to install ClamAV as an antivirus program on my Ubuntu install using these two articles:

These pages seem to indicate that Clam AV ships with Ubuntu 12.04. I was sent to the Ubuntu button by ALT-F2 and then searched and found software sources. I was told that changing these settings installed Clam AV.

All that was done but I can't find an Icon or some other way of working with the program and doing scans, updating or doing scans as I do in Norton. How do I know it has loaded and is working?

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Clamtk, the gui front-end to clamav, can be found and installed from the software center. – hmayag Jun 8 '13 at 20:46

ClamAV is a commandline program. If you want a GUI, install ClamTK. However, you still need ClamAV. ClamTK is a GUI for ClamAV.

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