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I am using Ubuntu 13.04. last time i installed Pulse-audio-4.0 after which a weird problem started with my sound icon.In sound icon there are two hyphens following the speaker like <|-- i clicked to open it .the trigger is always set to zero and it is stuck there, i can't move it. I opened sound from setting , i don't see any audio device listed. But applications are working and there is no problem with audio output.

But when i log out at log in , everything becomes normal. My audio device gets listed, volume tray is responding and i can control volume via that trigger.

The problem returns after reboot, i had to log and log out every time.

Please tell me how to get it fixed permanently!!

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I had the same symptom plus I was getting crashes in Saucy. See

There is a patch in message #5 that might help you. Reboot after applying the patch. It solved both of my issues.

Good luck.

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