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This is the link I got after bootloader rapair:

Boot-loader comes up, but after selecting Ubuntu I see a black screen. My SSD has 4 partitions:

dev/sda1 - ntfs 120 GB(Windows)

dev/sda2 - ext4 12 GB (Ubuntu)

dev/sda4 - extended 2.65 GB (swap)

dev/sda3 - ntfs 105 GB (data partition shared by both OS)

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Why did you need to repair the bootloader? Is a new install of Ubuntu? If not, did it boot to Ubuntu before? Can you boot to Windows? – Tanel Mae Jun 8 '13 at 14:37

If your Ubuntu won't boot,in a multiple boot system, that means your Grub is somehow affected. There is an amazing program called 'boot-repair', this program restores your Grub program to working condition for most common problems. you can get it here:

I used this program just 2 days ago and it worked flawlessly for me!! I burnt it to a DVD and booted from that DVD. It works.

Once you run the program it should repair your boot issues. Then, since you have a dual boot with windows you will have to clean up the boot manager. follow this manual:

I have followed this manual several times and it makes the login look cool and is quite easy to use. But you have to get the EasyBCD somewhere. I think it's freeware, but don't remember.

Good Luck. As far as computer problems go I wish I had your computer problem :-) if you need any more info let me know.


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