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I've Ubuntu 12.04 on my machine . But the problem is that the internet keeps on disconnecting. It's like I turned off the modem and turned back on then the internet works fr 5s or so and then no website opens. It showes connected on the top right corner. And when I disconnect it and connect back it form there then the it never connects back. And in windows internet works pretty fine. I don't want to use Windows but because of this I always have to go to windows.

It might not be a question suitable for this community but if it has a solution or trick then please tell me .

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We need a liitle more info on your hardware and connection to attempt an answer. Use lspci in Terminal to find your networking controller. ifconfig and iwconfig will show your connection status for wired and wireless; check those when your Internet is and is not working and edit your post to include that information. –  douggro Jun 8 '13 at 15:16
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