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Are the commands' options case sensitive? i.e.

I did

rm -r directory


rm -R directory

And I got the same results, whereas when I did

ls -r directory


ls -R directory

I got different answers.

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This is what man pages are for



-r, --reverse reverse order while sorting

-R, --recursive list subdirectories recursively



-r, -R, --recursive remove directories and their contents recursively

So with the command rm, -r and -R are the same, but not so with ls

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Yes, almost everything in Linux is case sensitive.

For example, in your ls command,

   -r, --reverse
      reverse order while sorting

   -R, --recursive
      list subdirectories recursively

Also, like in ln:

   -s, --symbolic
      make symbolic links instead of hard links

   -S, --suffix=SUFFIX
      override the usual backup suffix

However, sometimes the upper and lowercase letter options are the same, like in rm:

   -r, -R, --recursive
      remove directories and their contents recursively

It depends on the command. To best find out if upper and lowercase make a difference, always consult the man pages of a command.

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The cases only matter if there is another argument in the opposite case. This is usually how it works, so I would keep the case of the argument the same as what command you want

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Not true, depends on the command –  bodhi.zazen Jun 7 '13 at 21:00

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