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How can I shutdown the computer with the IR controller ? It has many working buttons, which can be used correctly, but the power button doesn't do anything. Is there a way to program a script to a button ? Remote controller works with LIRC under XMBC on Ubuntu 10.04.

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As the root user, you could define something like this in the ~/.lircrc file (with "POWER" replaced with whatever is correct for your remote):

 prog = rawcontrol
 button = POWER
 config = power

Then add something like this to /etc/rc.local or another init script:

ircat rawcontrol | (while read line
        if [ "x$line" = "xpower" ]; then
                shutdown -h now
done) &

This will have "ircat" watch for events using the "rawcontrol" definitions. When it sees "power" get pressed, it'll shut down the system.

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