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I'm fairly sure this program exists, but I don't remember what it was called.

There are a few drop-down terminal programs (guake, yakuke, tilde), and I've been a fan of guake for a while. However, since I discovered GNU Screen I've been more interested in using Eterm. But I would like to make it dropdown/hide on keypress, similar to the way Guake does. I remember at some point that someone mentioned a program that allowed you to do similar things with basically any other window.

Unfortunately my time spent googling around for terms like "show/hide any terminal ubuntu" have been met with stupid Windows search engine spam.

Any clue where I could find the program I'm looking for?


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The magic search phrase is "quake-like terminal". More specifically, I searched for "arbitrary quake-like terminal gnome" and the top several hits demonstrate several ways of doing it. (They claim to be specific to Terminator and gnome-terminal respectively, but in fact can be adapted to any terminal program, or indeed almost any program you choose.) The first method requires Compiz.

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Perfect! The compiz version works perfectly for me and is exactly what I wanted. Thank! – Wayne Werner Mar 16 '11 at 1:47

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