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I have a Chromebook (Acer C7 16gb SSD + 2Gb RAM version). I want to get Ubuntu up and running on it using ChrUbuntu. When looking at the instructions on the blog, It says to check what name my external hard drive is under by typing lsblk | grep disk. I just typed it in the terminal in Chrome OS & I just keep getting "Unknown command lsblk".

Anybody know how to get it to work? Please? BTW, I am a N00b and I couldn't find anything online about this.

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From the ChrUbuntu blog it seems that you can only boot from a USB stick or SD card. However I have not encountered this error. Did you type shell after opening a new console tab (ctrl-T) in Chrome? Maybe you're not in developer mode and running a developer kernel (dev channel)? Maybe you need to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome OS.

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According to the instructions, you can't use the standard entry to the Chrome terminal. You have to be in Developer mode, and you enter the terminal by pressing Ctl+Alt+'->' where '->' is the forward arrow where F2 would be on a PC keyboard. You then log in as chronos, with no password required.

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