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I'm not sure what the problem is, so bear with me!

I've been using ubuntu 12.10 solely for a few months and getting along ok with it. I originally partitioned my 1tb hdd, with ubuntu on one side & debian on the other. I'm in the process of a very important piece of work with thousands of pictures and hundreds of video clips.

I was trying to get better gpu drivers in order to play a steam game (tf2) just to learn how to do it, and erased some fglrx drivers (or something). Nothing really changed, and I didn't accomplish anything. Upon rebooting, my sidebar & top bars would not appear, however, I found that I could still bring up terminal and desktop appearance/settings, but was unable to change the fact that I lost my side & top bars. So I found a thread on askubuntu that seemed to fit, copy & pasted some sudo apt-get's and sudo apt-remove's, and upon reboot I get a loop to "Loading Operating System..." and back to BIOS.

AFter that I booted live from a usb stick, and can only access about 18gb of stuff, the rest being "unreadable". I'm not sure if the hard drive has crashed, making those particular 180gb of media unreadable or what.

So that's why I need to recover a little over 200gb of media. I came across something called boot-repair and maybe that will help repair my original ubuntu install? But from the live usb I cannot access my wireless hotspot (tethering from an android phone). Any help would be MUCH appreciated! I need to finish this project by the end of June... furiously bites nails

*the thread I used to copy & paste sudo commands is here:

ATI: No launcher or top bar in 12.10

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When asking questions you need to be as specific as possible. "unreadable" is too vague to have any idea what is wrong. – psusi Jun 7 '13 at 3:18
To echo @psusi, "unreadable" gives us no indication of what your problem is. Do you mean that any given program that you attempt to open your files in gives you an error, or that Nautilus itself is complaining about your files? – InkBlend Jun 7 '13 at 14:49
I'm not sure what nautilus refers to. When I try to access files on the "important" drive, I'll call it 'drive A', from a live usb stick, the properties tab suggests the file or files are unreadable. I found one sub-folder of video files (one of 4 sub-folders, in the same folder as other sub-folders of similar video files) that are accessible, and the rest are seen as 'unreadable'. I am attempting to install ubuntu 13.04 now on a different drive on the same motherboard so that my network adapter will be seen and I can access the internet. – user165116 Jun 7 '13 at 21:43

You could try this: Boot your live CD/USB use GParted to access the drive and on the partition in question - rt click and use the "check" function. Worked for me in the past. Good Luck

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Thank you, I'll try this, although I've never used gparted. – user165116 Jun 7 '13 at 21:43
Please let people know how you go... It "could" help others - Regards – Malee Jun 9 '13 at 0:13

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