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This is what I have done. I Added kubuntu backport PPA for Ubuntu 10.10. After I installed the kde-standard package.

I then tried to login using KDE plasma workspace from xsession.

The problem is that when KDE starts and I can only see my old Gnome desktop. But I am sure KDE is running Gnome, ALT+F2 gives me the KDE's desktop search but the rest of the apps are defaulted to Gnome.

Then I tried installing the whole kubuntu-desktop package. But the same problem continues.

How can I resolve this issue, any ideas?

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See if by chance Nautilus is running, if you start it without any options - it starts desktop, as result everything starts to look as gnome.

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I am not running a single command before this happens. Maybe some startup script doing this? but I dont know where to look for that. – Myth Mar 15 '11 at 12:50
you could try running 'ps axuf |grep autilus' as i do not know if that starts with capital N or not. Afterwards kill it. And yes, i thought that KDE while starting started Nautilus as startup process. You can check by starting 'System Settings'-> 'Startup and Shutdown' – Osis Mar 16 '11 at 9:41

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