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I'm going to be giving a short "talk" about efficient note taking with LyX. As such it'll be important to focus on keyboard shortcuts. Since people can't see me type, however, I want a tool that displays keyboard combinations as I press them, like this:

"Yo dawg, I done press Ctrl-M", written in a corner while I use LyX

I'm sure I've read about something like this on OMG Ubuntu!, but my google-fu is weak.


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Screenkey is a screencast tool to display your keys inspired by Screenflick for Mac OS and based initially on key-mon project. It’s useful to create screencasts and is also a powerful teaching tool.

For Ubuntu 11.10 and later install it by clicking on this link: screenkey Install screenkey

or via the command line:

sudo apt-get install screenkey

For older versions of Ubuntu you can download screenkey .deb-file from launchpad directly. Install it and then run it from Applications -> Accessories .

enter image description here

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This did the trick :) Bonus points for Python. – badp Mar 15 '11 at 12:33

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