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I have a Vostro 200, Intel Pentium D (E2160) processor and Intel G31/G33 video adapter. The video adapter is integrated and I'm using a VGA splitter to connect to monitors. The monitors are Samsung 19" widescreen Syncmasters. I have Ubuntu 13.04 installed, running the MATE desktop environment. Both monitors are working, but the second one is cloning the first one. It won't let me extend the desktop. When I open the Monitor Preferences screen and click on the Detect Monitors button, it doesn't do anything. It only detects one monitor. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can try to get the desktop extended to the second monitor, instead of cloned? Thanks.

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A "Y" VGA splitter will always mirror the image. From this nice explained article, you need a low profile card with a DMS (dual monitor solution) port, plugged to a DMS splitter cable.

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