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when 12.04.02 LTS was installed with kernel 3.2 - there seemed to be no problem regarding gdm, x-windows and clamtk.

( I refer to link here: Why running clamtk on 12.04 with kernel-update of today crashes the system? )

Now since update with kernel 3.5 - after log-in a gnome-session is switched back to gdm-login when about 20 minutes passed by. Or clam-tk with recursive check as user (whole file-system) is switched back to gdm-login after the first files. uefi-bios is disabled - with today - but has no effect. After your patched files concerning x-Libraries the crash-effect seems to be the same.

grub and nvidia-drivers are not involved in this effect.

it is located between x-server-xorg and gdm or xdm ?

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it is solved, but why is sensor of screen non-active ?

(in system-settings "brightness and bars" of display-behaviour)

I mean the sensor for work-behaviour at desktop was non-active by default ?

(by default it is set to 10 minutes - then screen switches back to gdm ? )

I set the sensor in system-settings to 30 minutes resp. to 1 hour.

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